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Chocha Foodstore @ Petaling Street, KL

Living in the city of Kuala Lumpur do have it's perks in terms of the endless streams and popping up of new eateries be it cafes or restaurant and even bars! The endless choices gave us a variety of choices to choose from but for foodies like us; it is the hardest answer to come a conclusion to when we are constantly being asked this grave question " What shall we eat today/later?". And most of the time, I can guarantee you that most of our time would be spent on drooling those delicious and mouthwatering pictures of food on instragram but when the time comes to answer such question, we tend to have a conflicting idea on what to eat! Especially if you're a picky eater or constantly have cravings which are hard to curb in KL.. 
There is one eatery which never cease to amaze us in terms of it's retro decor, the biodynamic drinks list to their organic and traditional approach on their food creations.. Yes we are talking about the Chocha Foodstore.. I know! I'm …

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