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Jacob's Creek Private Chef @ Rowland Flat, Barossa

On the last day of my stay with the amazing and warm hospitality of the fellow Jacob's Creek Winery people, they are truly a great and fun bunch of people that wouldn't ever deny the request of a tour to  their vineyards in the Eden Valley and sharing the amazing yet historical  stories of the Gramp family and it's amazing innovation of wines! We also had a great time with an amazing view of the Barossa region via helicopter!

Steingarten view 

The weather on that day was abit cloudy and moody with the rain expect to visit by late afternoon.. Well a little rain won't stop us from enjoying the fantastic set up created by the chef from the Jacob's Creek restaurant for our private chef lunch! 

We started off the afternoon with a glass of the Jacob's Creek Reserve Chardonnay Pinot Noir Sparkling! I'm actually surprised that Jacob's Creek also produces a sparkling wine that is actually quite good and can rival the kiwi's..  This sparkling  has a refreshi…

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